Architect. Designer of Dream Lives

NLP Certified Coach

Business Mentor

Digital Marketing Master

Cassie Drake is an ex-architect turned designer of dream lives, on a global mission to empower others to build their own visions. 


As a certified Life & Success Coach, Cassie integrates the modalities of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and Clinical Hypnotherapy to improve individual’s mindsets via their conscious & subconscious reprogramming. She specializes in women wanting to grow internally, in order to be able to grow in other aspects of their lives, including their businesses. Cassie has worked with over 500 women globally, empowering them with the belief in themselves by mentoring them in their creative pursuits via her Mastermind program and one-on-one coaching.


Through founding MATRS, a movement dedicated to supporting mental health through mindfulness, mindset coaching, and various resources, Cassie is committed to creating safe communities willing to speak about their struggles, and find the help they need.


As the founder of the Influentielle Mastermind Program, Cassie mentors women-led businesses within a supportive collective container via its signature mindset + marketing method to set them up for success. Together, the members grow towards living the fulfilling lives they’ve always dreamed of by turning their ideas into realized businesses and brands. 


She believes every single person has an unique gift no one else possesses, and because of that mentality, she has helped hundreds of women realize their potential & purpose.


As a digital strategist, Cassie has worked both agency-side as well as internally for clients, and now consults for brands, and marketing agencies. Her multi-national campaigns have been featured in publications such as VOGUE, Lonely Planet, VICE, and many local award-winning outlets.  


As a marketing mentor, Cassie also teaches Digital Marketing to her Mastermind members, and guest teaches for organizations. Catch her hosting continuous events both in person online.



There comes a time when you suddenly see your life for what it will be vs. what it could be. And in that moment you are faced with a choice; to stay within what you know, or to grow into the unknown.

Cassie Drake, founder Influentielle & MATRS








Cassie has been such a tremendous help in elevating my business and for me to find my voice and confidence I needed to establish my brand. I am honestly forever grateful to her and the community she created for us. If I hadn’t reached out to her when I did, I can’t say I’d be at the place where I have bigger, brighter dreams and so much to look forward to.

Fatima Zehra

Creative Studio Founder

I would like to thank the fantastic Cass Drake, Business Mentor/Angel, for being so in tune with me and knowing exactly what I need in the midst of my most stressful/traumatic time this year. So grateful for her!

Nicole Noworyta

Event Coordinator

I am so grateful for Cassie, who gave me the courage to find my voice. Working with herb has re-inforced my alignment and how I show up.


Money Mama TO Founder

I am so blessed to have been part of the amazing Influentielle group of women! I have learned so much, Cass Drake is such an incredible coach! I am so grateful.


Fashion Influencer

I want to say thank you very much. I feel like what I learned through your mastermind group plus the extension of your knowledge, I can definitely be successful. Everything was inside of me; however, with your help, I cannot believe how ahead I am, and what I am fully capable of accomplishing.

Jenn L.

Gym Owner

Thank you SO much for putting such valuable information out there, through attainable platforms and inspiring the shit out of women like me! You are just honestly incredible.

Perla J.

Content Creator

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