I remember so clearly the first time I heard the call.


The call for more; to explore into the unknown in pursuit of something else for me and the life I desired.


At the time, I was the youngest to have ever worked in the largest architecture firm in the country. I seemingly had it all. I, as well as many others, thought I was “set.” Yet, on that fateful day I realized something profound that would change the course of the rest of my life. 


I realized that I didn’t want to be “set,” like everyone else around me. I didn’t want to be cemented in the same spot that I was in, I did not want to only take a few weeks vacation a year, to have a ceiling on my salary. I all of a sudden did not want to know what the next 20, 30, even 50 years ahead held for me. But I sure as hell wanted to find out.


So I made the decision to follow the unknown path.



I looked around at my colleagues – most 30+ years my senior- and saw that my future even decades down the line would not be so different than the current situation I was living. And that all of a sudden was not ok with me. So I gave it all up. 

Cassie Drake, founder Influentielle

In order to pursue it, not only did I leave my acclaimed architectural position, I left the potential lucrative career path altogether. It did not fuel my burning desires, and I had to choose exploration over safety & security, one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made.


I got rid of all my possessions, safe for the ones that fit into one suitcase, and took a one way ticket to the middle of the Mediterranean in search of whatever was next. 


I gave myself 3 months to figure it out. 


I ended up staying for 4 years. 


I had to forge my own path. I transitioned from architectural design to branding design, which eventually led to creating marketing collateral before eventually consulting as a digital strategist for large global corporations. I’ve created countless campaigns seen & experienced by millions around the world, in which their innovations have been recognized and featured in reputable publications incl. Vogue, Lonely Planet, and Vice. 

As fun as its been working on such far-reaching impact-at-scale projects, I have since discovered where my true interest lies: in deeply impacting the individual. I have take all the years of skills, knowledge, and experience to apply it directly to the most innovative & inspiring type of all; the entrepreneur. 


I now directly get to support & guide the business owner in pursuing their own dreams. I can honestly say that it is the most fulfilling experience to date. Currently, I consult privately with brands & business owners as well as having founded the Influentielle Mastermind Program, a marketing + mindset focused incubator for womxn with a brand, business or project idea they want to start, grow, and stabilize sustainable.


I have transformed hundreds of lives in which the individual started with only an inkling of an idea, and through deep work we planned, designed, and built what they envisioned for themselves. As a co-creator in their journey, I am constantly honoured & humbled to be their guide in this incredibly meaningful work. 

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