• Host a workshop that teaches someone something you know

  • Create a memorable event experience

  • Improve how someone feels with your incredible product

  • launch a podcast or platform for your beautiful + helpful brand

In this on-demand workshop we plan out the exact actionable steps that you need to take in order to make the impact you want.

you'll learn:

  • To STOP playing small by hiding your gifts and start to believe in what you have to offer the world by confidently creating your own brand.


  • Get crystal clear on the IMPACT you will make on the individuals who need what you have to offer the most, and how to ATTRACT them to you.


  • Create the PURPOSE you crave within you to make a meaningful difference.


  • Map out your step by step strategic action plan that will give you the CONFIDENCE to take control of your vision.



you'll receive:


Meet your Mentor: 


  • You’ve been wanting to get out of this cycle of self doubt and constant comparison


  • You are inspired to take action on your ideas but are unsure how to make it happen


What if you created a magic moment in someone's life every day. Imagine your clients feeling like a better version of themselves because of the work you did for them. 


By not working on your idea right now, you are doing a massive disservice. Not only to yourself, BUT to the people out there, your potential dream clients, who need your help. Your idea IS their solution.

It’s time to call in your power and unshakeable self-belief so you can STOP playing small and START making a massive impact!


There comes a time when you suddenly see your life for what it will be vs. what it could be. And in that moment you are faced with a choice; to stay within what you know, or to grow into the unknown.

Cassie Drake, founder Influentielle Mastermind



By attending this workshop and doing the work involved and taking the actions required, you will start to build that unshakeable self-belief in yourself that you can move through the risk, the fear and the "what ifs" and still wholly believe that what you have to offer will make a massive impact on someone else’s life. 


You will stop being impacted by the views of others and have a deeper understanding of how the outer wins and impacts you have on others is a direct result of the inner shifts you have in yourself.


I am here to guide you through how to implement your magic.

What women are saying


“ Everything was inside of me; however, with Cassie's help, I cannot believe how ahead I am, and what I am fully capable of accomplishing. ”

Jenn C. L.

“ Thank you SO much for putting such valuable information out there, through attainable platforms and inspiring the shit out of women like me! This is honestly just incredible. ”

Perla J.

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